Song of the galley rower

I didn’t know
that I would get accustumed
to the sound of a heart breaking.
Trying to calm the beat,
like drums inside the chest,
I clear my mind, getting inmersed
into the music of what can be done now.
But, sometimes, I don’t know how
this tiny odd spark into my brain
turns off the dark and switches the veil,
like the wind keeps away the clouds.
Should we bow towards the altar of the Unknown?
Or might we better bend our souls
in love with the things that learned to grow?
If there’s an answer or not,
if we’ll save ourselves before the flood
or in the global collapse we might drown;
This I really cannot know.
We’ll just have to figure it out
as for our lives we row
towards the light
inside the dead-eye fishes flow.

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