Journal III

The World Is Alive
Not a tool.
This piece just loves itself
Sane ego, Eros in agony.
No Song for now.

Alma Mater

1st of July

“When the path ignites a soul, there’s no remaining in place.
The foot touches the ground, but not for long.” —Hakim Sanai

A cycle has ended, and we’re headed to times of uncertainty. For some, it means fear; for others, renewal. I am well aware that no words I can say will do any justice to anybody’s feelings, but just like other people successfully do, I’d like to soothe my friends with a spark of hope. We’re told that, somehow, we’ll make it alright. Those are the probabilities, they say; but everybody fears the underprivileged, smaller side of statistics. In the end, who knows? My own position appears paradoxical, and not the best to offer any relief. While I usually feel indecisive over little things, I also tend to be ruthless when in comes to life-changing decisions. An unclear path pulls me to the edge and…

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