To the day we go

Simply amazing, Parnaso pa’ella!

Alma Mater

For the waves of souls
that dive into the atmosphere
to bid their last farewell;

For the fireflies unfolding
into northern lights, once in a lifetime
never to be seen again;

May the remainders of your path
remain yours
Here, within the matter that transcends
Here, where the water transforms

A sleeping city of ghosts
older than the Earth
witnesses your dreams;
the forgotten
the unfulfilled.

A faint being (a splitting of you)
guards the everlasting love
you left unspoken.
It will stay untouched
awaiting your return.

Look at the truth:
we are nothing but heart-carriers
merely waiters
existing somewhere far away
in the land of fear

We thrive like bindweed
stubborn; tamed
climbing rifts
crowning skulls
conquering ruins

For those who are gone, for those who stay
I pray that the darkest hour,
this moonless night,
will reveal the source of our light

Let us remember it

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