Haiku IV

Ocells, mar i pluja

Ella es treu la bufanda

Fins i tot el vent s’atura

Haikus III

Reading under a tree

the breeze turning the pages

back to the beggining


Upon the hill

a young man climbs a fence

he’s grabing almonds


 A young girl

between trees and quietness

finally among friends


Clouds over the moon

her light still reaches

the lily’s petals

Haiku II


Drowned into the sea

Tomorrow is never coming

My heart’s still bleeding

Painting by Bashar Kurdo, Skaramagkas refugee camp, Athens.

Haiku I


Núvols de tardor

Tan sols la pluja s’emporta

la saudade


Picture by Kavvas Karmaniolas, Skaramagkas refugee camp, Athens, Greece