#16 Blues of the snow

Blues of the snow

I’ve been waiting for so long 
—so long—
for a place to call my own, to be by my own

But it seems I’ll never find a home
as I’m walking through the white, white, white snow.

I know I came for loving
Oh girl, I know we came for love
‘Cause my sunshine is burning
—as I am loving you

But when I’m lost in the city
I still need to heat my source,
as there we’re walking on the grey, grey, grey snow

But I can’t feel the cold no more
and I don’t find myself alone
‘Cause I can feel you in my soul

And it seems I’ll have a home
and I see light
as I walk towards the black, black, black snow


Pequeña letra de un blues compuesto entre la nieve del camino.

Small lyrics of a blues composed among the snow on the path.

Ilustración por Gao Xingjian